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Photos From Our Past

A mixed collection of photos from our past

During World War I, while the men were fighting on the frontlines, women took on tasks that had previously been the domain of men. These included working in factories and transporting massive ice blocks. 

1955, Westminster Bridge, London

1952, In early December a thick fog descended upon the city and continued to linger for five days.

Peeling Onions, Makes Sense.

Soldiers wearing gas masks as they peel onions at Tobruk, 15 October 1941. The Siege of Tobruk lasted for 241 days, 10 April – 27 November 1941; The photographer Lt. William G. Vanderson became a Prisoner of War during the North African Campaign and was released from Oflag 79 in Brunswick, Germany, at the end of the war.

Uber For Library Books

A walking library in London during the 1930s

Movie Magic

 The roar of Leo the Lion for MGM’s famous movie logo.

What do People Say About Black Cats?

In 1920 this black cat halts traffic as she transports her five kittens, one by one, across Lafayette Street in lower Manhattan.


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